December 7, 2009

Exercise the Brain Too

As we age, our metal capacities tend to slow down.

Our brains are not as sharp as they once were, but with some "exercises" they can be kept in good shape too.

One thing we like to do each morning is a daily Sudoku puzzle.

Not the kind on the computer where you just have to punch in the numbers, and most times it will let you know if you are wrong.

We do it the old fashioned way - with pencil and paper after we copy it from the newspaper onto a blank grid.

It has become a competition of sorts between my husband and I.

See who can complete it first, and have it all correct.

Some of these puzzles are so easy it only takes a few minutes, but the majority of them really make you think - some of them for way too long sometimes.

We like to think of this as exercising our brains - use it or loose it.

We love to use them - and it is a free workout each day!

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