December 9, 2012

Starting Anew

I have been very lax in recording my food intake and exercises in my daily journal.

I have been using the My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone and tablet to record all of that info for the past eight months.

But during the last couple of months I ran into a few health problems that have thrown me off track plus a death in the family didn't help with the emotional side.

Starting today I have been recording my food and exercise, and I hope to keep it up as I did in the past.

I am not happy with myself for letting it lapse, but sometimes things happen that one has no control over.

I am also trying something different in my diet to see if I can help the body feel better.

I have been more fortunate than most with my lupus, but sometimes it does get to me.

Will post more about my experiment as time goes on - fingers are crossed that it works!

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