September 6, 2012

Serene Swim

The days are getting shorter as the sun sets earlier and earlier each evening.

The swim area at the lake is now closed for the season - there was hardly anyone in it the last couple of weeks anyway.

The cooler nights have made the water too cold for most folks.

But not us.

We are still down there everyday - parking outside the gate and walking down to the beach.

I will admit, that lake water is a bit chilly at first, but once we get ourselves motivating along the swim lines, we are just fine.

In fact, the air is colder than the water when we finally drag ourselves out of it.

And yesterday was one of the best days this past season that we have had for swimming.

The water was pure glass - we were gliding through it slowly - taking care not to create splashes that would disturb that serene surface.

It was beautiful - and the late afternoon light added to the mood perfectly.

As we were drying beside the water's edge, just before we left, Mother Nature gave us a wonderful gift.

According to my phone, it was exactly 5:40, and that must have been when the underwater dinner bell was rung.

All over the surface of the lake, little mouths were popping up and catching the floating bugs for their dinner.

It was quite the site, and to think we almost left directly after the swim due to the chilly air.

Our lake has given us many gifts through the years, and I can see she still has a few surprises left for us.

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  1. Wow, you are brave, facing the cold water of the lake. But it must be lovely to swim in such wonderful surroundings. Thanks for your comments on my 'olly 'ocks.