June 9, 2012

Yoga is Breathing Too

It is not just all exercise.

Yoga combines exercise with meditation, relaxation, and breathing.

It all works together to deliver a well rounded regimen.

It is all very progressive.

It isn't something that you notice right off in your daily life either.

It sneaks up on you over time, then you begin to notice the benefits in some of your daily activities.

And then there are times when it really hits you how far you have come.

Much of the breathing has become quite routine with the yoga positions and exercises.

Without thinking about it, you pretty much know how to breathe when new exercises are introduced.

The deep breathing when stretching really expands the lungs.

This breathing helps to build stamina that you can feel.

It makes many of the internal organs function with more ease as they are supplied with rich oxygenated blood.

It struck me how far I have come with the breathing when I took my first swim this year.

No out of breath for me.

And something else that I could be imagining, but I swear I noticed - I floated better.

Perhaps the lungs have expanded to hold more air that makes me more buoyant.

Probably crazy, I don't know, but I do know I certainly feel a lot better because of my yoga breathing!

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