January 10, 2012

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

We love pumpkin pie, but it doesn't always love us.

Actually, it isn't the the pumpkin filling that is the problem, it is the crust.

For years I used one that contained shortening as an ingredient.

Well, those hydrogenated fats just weren't agreeing with us.

So, I went to a butter recipe that was oh so delicious.

Once  again, the fat was not agreeing with my system.

My husband was never too crazy about pie crust to begin with, so I thought about trying something different for the pumpkin.

I mixed the filling per my recipe, but instead of putting it in a pie dish, I filled six custard cups with it.

Putting them in a baking dish filled with water, I baked the cups per my recipe.

Keeping a close eye on them, it took about twenty minutes less than the whole pie takes to cook.

After they cooled, we dug in.

They were so good - cooked perfectly just like in the pie.

We now think of them as a "veggie" serving instead of a dessert.

And they are the perfect size in those cups, with a lot less fat and calories to worry about!

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