January 29, 2010

Chicken Sausage

Trying out something new for dinner tonight.

Sausage is not one of my favorites. That greasy, fatty pork filling with those hard things in it is not for me.

Besides, they don't agree with my stomach anyway.

And the turkey ones, well we haven't been able to eat turkey for a number of years now.

That meat has been so manipulated during it's growing that we can't eat that delicious meal any longer as it doesn't agree with the digestive tract.

Chicken is still okay, so when we saw the chicken sausage on sale, along with a discount coupon, we decided to try it.

This particular sausage has sundried tomatoes and basil in it.

Cooking it up with some onions and serving it with seasoned vegetable rice should be pretty tasty.

Okay - back after the meal, and it was delicious!

The basil made it smell heavenly as it was cooking and there was no fat at all in the pan.

Low price, healthy low-fat meat, and great taste - it will certainly be on the menu again!

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  1. Chicken sausages are a favorite of mine. Try the apple chicken ones for breakfast too.