May 14, 2009

My Walk Motivator

purple lilacs against a blue sky

Still working on my 10 minutes walks through out the day, and despite the absolutely gorgeous weather, the black flies have moved in for their seasonal visit.

They are enough to keep me indoors even though I am striving to walk more.

But there is one thing that really keeps me wanting to go outside many times a day.

It's the beautiful lilacs that have begun to bloom in the front and back yards.

I usually cut some of the flowers off and bring them indoors so they can share their fragrance with us.

But I haven't done that yet this year. They are a great motivation for me to go outside and take a walk so I can enjoy their smell as I pass them by.

I have to walk a bit faster so I can stay ahead of those bugs, but it is worth it to catch a scent of those lilacs.

They will be here for another week or so, and I will leave them outside this year so I can take advantage of the motivation they give me.

Just taking advantage to nature's beauty to give me some free and much needed pushes to move around.

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